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Health and care Silawat Medical

Silawat medical care is being established to facilitate the local community and keeping there aware of daily appetite. do visit us

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Rehabilitation Center

Rehabilitation center is specially working to reduce drug offences and ensuring people to live healthy lives.

Medical Counseling

Medical counselling is being provided to each and every individual of the community

Qualified Doctors

We have a team of qualified doctors from all over pakistan .

Emergency Services

24/7 ambulance services are always available in case of any emergency

What patients say on silawat medical care

  • author-22

    Always good in silawat medical care they treated me awesomely i will recommend families as well awesome experience.must visit

  • author-11

    Always awesome to visit silawat medical care they treated me as i was like in my home and i didnt feel any strangeness thank you team

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